Dog Training Methods

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There are many ways to train a dog but which one is best? That’s the question that everyone wants to know and in this video I give you my take on this sometimes controversial topic.

Dog training today is pretty much divided between the 2 big camps: positive dog training and dog whispering. The positive dog trainers, led by people like Victoria Stillwell use reward based training methods based on scientific studies. Dog whispering is based on the teachings of Cesar Millan and uses a lot of wolf behavior as a guide to working with domestic dogs.

Trainers from either method usually dislike and discount the other. I’m a little different in that I don’t really agree 100% with anyone or any style of dog training. I think there are good things to be learned from them all and take what I like, leave what I don’t and mash it up into my own unique style.

I’m kind of the mutt of the dog training world. This allows me to have a very large toolbox and be appealing to all kinds of clients.

My training philosophy is heavily based on positive dog training techniques but I also like many of the dog whispering ideas like the use of energy and how you can use dogs to help dogs.

My main focus is always the dog’s state of mind and if I did have to name my style it would be “state of mind dog training.” A dog’s state of mind always influences his behavior, so if you change the state of mind, behaviors tend to fall into place.

I’m not for taking sides but for sharing information and collaborating to help everyone. And that’s what I teach my students: to have an open mind, learn as much as you can from anyone and everyone, then make it your own personal style.

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