Taking Your Dog to Dinner

This is beautiful time of year to take your dog out to a pet friendly restaurant and enjoy the fresh air , companionship and canine companionship. But is your dog ready for the excitement of an outing that involves a trip out, food and socializing with other dogs.dog friendly

You’ll enjoy going to the restaurant, but is your dog going to?

  • Does your dog become anxious or fearful?
  • Does your dog quickly become so excited he’s hard to control?
  • Does your dog have a medical condition? Anything that keeps your dog from feeling like himself  can make him tired and snappy.
  • A dog’s personal space bubble is 7 feet. Be sure to keep this in mind.
  • Watch your dog’s body language to know what your dog is telling you.


If you’re going to take your dog out to dinner, best to make it easy on yourself…

Get His Energy Out

Take a walk with your dog before going to the restaurant. Imagine how stimulated your dog will be with all the new sights and smells in the restaurant. Take him on a thirty minute walk prior to your outing so he can get his energy out.

Feed Pup Before Taking Him Out to Dinner

If your dog has a full belly, he will better cope with the temptation of food on tables all around him and lots of new people to beg from.dog friendly

Pack for your dog’s dinner’s out

Keep your dog from being bored, a favorite toy will keep him distracted. But, please , make sure it’s squeak less.  Bring a water dish.  Your dog will probably get thirsty.

With a little planning, you and your dog can have a great dinner out at a dog friendly restaurant.

Enjoy !






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